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, Kansas, rode up and killed the elder brother, wounded Charles, and took everything in sight, money, and even the “nigger” who went with them to do the cooking. They thought more of the d——d “ni

gger” than they did of all the rest o



f the loot. They left poor Charles there to die and be eaten later by wolves or some other wild animal

that might come that way. Poor Charle


24/7 YES REALLY...

s lay there for three days before anyone happened by, guarding his dead brother, suffering near death from his wounds. After three days an old Shawnee Indian na

med Spye Buck came along,16 buried the



elder brother and took Charles to his home and nursed him back to life and strength. After six months to a year Charles Quantrell was able to go at ease, and having a good education for those days, g

ot a school and taught until he had earned enough money to pay the old Indian for keeping him while he was sick and to get him to Lawrence. He reached Lawrence and went to where Jim Lane was stationed

with his company. He wanted to get in


to the company that murdered his brother and wounded himself. After a few days he was taken in and, from outward appearance, he became a full-fledged Redleg, but in his heart he was doing this only to

seek revenge on those who had killed his brother and wounded him at Cottonwood, Kansas. Quantrell, now known as Charles Hart, became intimate with Lane and ostensibly attached himself to the fortune

s of the anti-slavery party. In order


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